The Best Job Offer in the World…

What would you do if you are to be given 86,000 a day everyday for 30 days?

Wouldn’t it be great?

Ah yeah! But here’s the catch, you should spend the 86,000 within the day. You can spend it in any way you want. If you fail to spend it all, the remainder after each day would be returned or taken away from you never to be seen again. The cycle would go on everyday for 30 days.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, not actually.

For now, let’s assume that this deal happened to you and I’ll explain later how it can really happen; I’m not crazy and I’m not joking.

So now, you’re given this great deal. My first question to you is – Would you spend your 86,000?
- I’m sure you’ll say “of course!” it would be such as waste if you don’t. 86,000 is 86,000, right?

Next, the more important question is - How or on what would you spend it on?


Now this is where we’ll have tons of different responses.

I’m sure most of you would use it to have, do and be what you wanted most.

But let me just remind you, only 86,000 per day and you can’t save the 86,000 for the next day. It’s either you spend it all within the day or you return it all after each day if you fail to spend not even 1. So saving is not an option – in this case.

Now that “saving” is out of the question, some of you might be thinking to use it to do the things you’ve been wanting to do for the longest time but haven’t got the chance ‘til now. I’m sure you’re imagining how enjoyable it would be to do all those things now that you have no more restraints. A vacation maybe or a visit to the places you really wanted to go to. Engage maybe in activities that you really love but did not have chance before.

Most of you would think for sure of all the things you wanted to have in your life - all the things that the amount could bring. For sure, a lot of things are going thru your head right now. I will not site illustrations, for there are too many to think of.

Some of you might be planning to enroll in a class of some sorts to be able to learn the things or become “the” person you’ve been dreaming of becoming. For some maybe, plans to finish their studies. But with the scenario I don’t think it would possible since the deal is only for 30 days.

A rare choice for some maybe is to be able to help others, a friend, relative or sometimes random people that might need it. I hope you don’t choose this just for the reason that you don’t want to return the excess. Although it’s a very nice idea, but what I was hoping is that you choose this one because you really wanted to help and not just because you’re feeling bad about returning the excess at the end of the day.

There, now that I have positioned the possibilities, I’m very sure you have chosen one of the options, combinations of more than one choice or maybe all of the above. After all 86,000 is quite a lot and you can really choose all and the best really, is to choose all.

But if you are one of the very few who might be thinking I missed out one option, I congratulate you. Because you are correct. I left the best option (in my opinion) for last.

But if you’re one of those who were already contented with the options above, it’s completely alright. There’s nothing wrong with it, in fact it’s very good and very normal. Because the last option I will reveal is actually not for everyone and not everyone can handle and understand it. So don’t bother reading the last option and be completely happy with your previous choices.

The last, smartest and hardest option (i.m.o. again) is  -


If you think hard, this is the smartest but the hardest to do. The smartest, because you can be sure that you can spend all the 86,000 in just one outing. But the hardest, because you can’t see the results until after some time. You can’t enjoy your 2,580,000 (86,000 x 30) within that 30 day period as compared to that other previous choices. That’s why I told you, this is not for everyone and not everyone can handle and understand this option.

But for those who do (understand), this really is the best option. If you consider the situation, whichever way you choose it, you will lose all the 86,000 per day. If you spend it all, you lose it all in exchange for the experiences or things you gain. And even if you don’t spend it all, you lose it all also because, you have to return the remainder after each day.

Some of you would challenge me on this – saying that you have gain “things” in exchange for the 86,000. You’re 100% correct and I don’t disagree with you on that. But if you exchange it for “things” that depreciate in value, eventually you’ll lose it. But if the “things” you acquire appreciate and/or brings in more value, then it’s another story – this is a kind of story of “investing.” And believe me, not all people really know the difference.

There are several ways of investing, and by investing – it doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing your enjoyment for the previous options mentioned. It’s just like deferring those choices for future time – the time when you don’t have to worry anymore where to get the resources for those “enjoyments” as compared to the 30 day enjoyment and having to worry for the rest of your existence how to get resources for your necessities. But it is easier said than done, and again not all would be sold to the idea.

We will not go deeper on the subject of investing because if you have reached this part of your reading, you might be thinking where is the part where I reveal how the 86,000 per day deal can become reality.
Well, I really did mention it and it’s not a joke. This deal and choices would not remain examples and theories only. Continue reading and I’ll divulge it as you read…

Now, here it is.

I lied to you about that 86,000 per day. It is actually 86,000 86,400 per day. Yup! Even more. And the best thing about it, is that you can really do the options mentioned with it. Now, this may even shock you if you don’t know what I’m talking ‘bout yet. The deal is not just for 30 days. No! Not just 1 month but for the rest of your life! Yes, you can have the deal for as long as you live.

So, where can you get this deal?

Actually, we are all given this deal. Yes right now, right this very moment. We are all given this deal if you haven’t realized it yet. The 86,400 is the number of seconds in each day of our lives. And not in any currency that you’ve previously thought.

We are all given the same exact amount in each day. And any amount/number out of those 86,400 which you don’t use are taken away from us and never to be seen again. You just can never bring back time. The time that you waste is gone forever. It is all up to you how you would use it. And all of the options I mentioned above are very much applicable with time as it is with money. That’s why the saying goes “Time is gold” because it is really very precious and in our times, it is very much comparable to “Time is money.”

So, go back above to the options on how to use your 86,400. You choose what to do with it. Because at the end of the day, the ones you miss-used or failed to use are taken away from you. I advise you to use it as much to your advantage, advancement and improvement. For you can never have more time even if you have all the money in the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as I did writing it. Also, much to my delight, that you might have gained something from reading, that you show it by liking my page.

Until the next post.

Joel Magsisi


  1. Thanks For Sharing Joel, Great Stuff bro.

    1. Your welcome brother Eduard. I'm glad you like it. Just using to my full extent what I've learn from you and Marco. Thanks brother.