Earn Dollars (US$) Here!

We are earning dollars (US$) here…

But at whose conversion rate?

Let’s see –

PhP 2,500 = US$ 55?

US$ 20 = PhP 800.00?

Do the Math!

If they can’t explain it, then better correct it!

I guess we are very much indoctrinated to blindly accept the dogma of this business of “helping” people.
But who are we really helping? (Think hard)
The sale pitches had really touched our emotions that succeeded in suspending our rational thinking…
Not much difference from following a “blind faith.”

Notice how the pitches got your “juices flowing?” it is a good way to motivate people so that their brains turn off for a while and suspend good judgment.
And once you’re in, you’d be fed with lots of training how to construct and compose these “motivational/psychological sales materials,” after all, people buy based on their emotions.

We were convinced to willingly “Drink the Kool-Aid!” (use the net will yah?)

We are taking advantage of people’s need/greed????
-          No, we are helping them reach their dreams!

Are we???
Or are we selling them the dream, just like the dream was sold to us?

Yes money (lots of it) are being made, but at whose expense? At the expense of the loss of others?
-          No!???

-          Have the poison of the Kool-Aid really kicked in? - that made good thinking really ceased!?

We are not really advertising the product, or haven’t you realized that by now?
What happens if all stores in a given area try to sell the “same products?”
What do you think would happen? Who would benefit from that set up?
Certainly not the consumers cum “would be distributors!” then who would?
-          The suppliers, maybe!? ( you think?)

Because all stores have the same pricing for their “products,” unlike with the real market scenarios where stores sell the same products, prices would be lower because of competition…
But here, there’s no competition so they say… We are all here to help build the business…
Or the evidences show the other way around…
What if we had already sold to all in the community and turned them to sellers as well, who would we sell to next? The next community, off course! What then after that?

-          Well don’t worry, babies are born every second… lots of them so we won’t have a problem with saturation…

Have they conveniently forgotten to mention the mortality rate? But the more important thing they didn’t include is that, will babies buy your products/ join your business?
How long are you willing to wait to have your business running?
-          Are you willing to wait at least 15 years, to have these babies grow and pitch them your materials? (This is really not a get rich quick scheme – you see)
Well, that won’t happen because I have ample number of prospects…
True enough, but what if these prospects are already members? And you didn’t realize it until it’s too late… ( A lot of new members try to sell me the dream when I was already sold – I was already a member)

If our products are really that good, then why can’t we just sell them straight forward or market them more than the “alternative compensation” aside from the sales (of the product)…?
Notice how the ads focus on the “selling the business?”

How, then?

-          It’s quite easy so they say… until you have turned in your hard earned money…
Not that simple they would say, but don’t worry, help and training is always available and best of all – IT’S FREE!

But if you want to have the BEST RESULTS in your business, then ATTEND my PAID SEMINARS, to sky rocket your results… BOOM!

-          We are a different breed! Let’s not waste our time with “those people.”
There we are again, drinking another flavor of the Kool-Aid!

These are just some of the questions that were presented and some were answered for me…
That made me got included in the group of “those people” they don’t want to waste their time with…

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