Why I Quit MLM

The problem I saw was it works in the complete opposite of the "pay it forward" principle...
The "pay it forward" principle takes a little of someone from the top to benefit much more in the end, while it's principle, sad to say, takes from those in the end to benefit those at the top...
That's why they're training you to be "motivated fools" (forgive the language), enticing you to be the "materialist" we all are... selling the "dream" and not the product...

It is nicely veiled so that no one would suspect...
After all, how can it be bad if someone is making a lot out of it?

But at what expense? (at the expense of others' failures and dreams?)
this is what I had realized when I sold the dream to "willing" victims...
I felt bad when it dawned on me, thinking I was doing them a favor...

Well, in a way I thought I was doing them a favor in improving their selves with the training and the knowledge, but who am I (who are we) to shove that stuff in their guts? We can only show them the way, but it's for them to walk the path, no one can ever force another to walk that path. But we insists too strongly for we know that we too would be benefited if they do the "business." How "selfless" of us to think of others' welfare? (yeah right!)

It shouldn't be a win-lose situation. We shouldn't benefit at the loss of another. That's the "scarcity" mindset veiled as the complete opposite in their courses.
"abundance" is what they taught to members, that there are infinite people who would want to join, if you only change your beliefs (another of those motivational speeches).

True - they show you the ins and outs of how to do it, but do you know what you're doing?
You're working to improve to be a better seller of the "dream" to people who, like you, were already sold to the "dream." People who are searching for the "right vehicle" to achieve that "dream."

Guess what? It's not another vehicle, it's just another model or make of that same vehicle.
Haven't you learned enough from all those self help courses? or are you just that naive that "helping people reach their dreams" would land you yours? or do you not know that a jeep is also a vehicle? So much for helping others then, how "selfless" of us really...

If we really want to help them, why not advertise the "personal development training" which are really life changing and more important? Well because it's not that marketable we assume, who would want to pay to be lectured and to be told they are "wrong?"
and besides, selling the "dream" is much easier and profitable...
where has our moral gone to?

What's that you say, "It's not my problem."? I didn't force them to join (yeah right), and besides I show them all the ways I know to con help others do the "business."

It's their fault, because they don't have what it takes...
So there we go again, another lesson on the "abundance" thing,
eat or be eaten, survival of the fittest.
Are we really helping them "help themselves" or are we really helping them "help ourselves?"
Look at the millions at the bottom who has helped those chosen few at the top, not to mention the "ONE" (Neo, is that you?) at the very top. (if this is a company, then why do we have to remit the payment to the specific name of an individual?)

How would it be for those at the very end? "They failed because they're not that good enough? or, is it just really how it works? (success comes from the failure of others)
Think for a while, no matter how they justify it by "infinity," truth is, the number of people have definite figures, or are you still convincing yourself otherwise?..

The very few knew these, but won't tell you because they are too busy "helping."

"abundance" doesn't teach you to prey on others, it fact quite the opposite.
abundance thinking teaches that the world of opportunity is not like a limited pie that when when you give a bigger slice away, your share would result in a smaller piece.
Abundance mentality says the pie is constantly getting bigger, so no need to steal the share of others.

But the concept is the opposite, we take shares from everyone below to make our piece bigger and bigger, in a vicious cycle. Where in fact, we should make our piece bigger and bigger so that we can share to more and more.

I didn't see that concept here. The opposite is what I saw! so i decided for myself and not from anyone's, to STOP!

If you're in too deep, these words would mean nothing you. I would just be another "dream slayer," "naysayer" or whatever they have tagged it. But for what it's worth, take all the "self help" and "self improvement" courses you can for this can really really help you. (I'm not being sarcastic). Learn the lessons and apply them to your life. Don't limit your perspective to only this kind of opportunity.

I took the lessons and apply them to my life, now I'm not tied down to this "business" that takes advantage of people's need/desire to be rich. I want to earn by really helping them and not "helping me." I don't want to work in the ME, Inc. no more, instead the WE, Inc.

if you want additional reference/reasons -
read this.

Still not want additional source, this should enlightened you...


  1. Sir, I really hate MLMs eversince though I haven't joined one. The very first company that promises me a part-time job was Forever Living Products. I was turned off because I realized that one would earn through recruitment. And yes, a number of people got RICH in different MLM companies but a lot more didn't. I don't know why today, SWA got my attention but I happen to visit: http://scamornotdebate.blogspot.com/2012/10/supreme-wealth-alliance-scam-or-not.html
    And ended up reading your blog.
    Thanks for your share. I never thought that you, as an EARNING SWA member quitted. And your blog has actually enlightened me more...

    1. Thanks ungrateful scholar for reading my blog...
      just sharing my thoughts and experiences here...
      and one important thing i realized about life,
      is that, it is not all about money!

  2. hi..someone invited me to join swa.. is it really ok to join them? about pay out? is it true ?

    1. I don't know if you have read my post here... but it really depends on you - on your values...
      I quit SWA based on the above mentioned reasons...
      I also found out What's wrong with MLM - http://joelmagsisi.blogspot.com/p/whats-wrong-with-mlm_19.html