Living a Life of Success
(Reality of Success)

What is success?

Let me site some of people’s definition of success:

“Success is a never ending journey to get better.”

“Success is attaining your goals without sacrificing your roles.”

“There is no such thing as an overnight success or easy money; you have to work for it.”

“Success is not good luck; it is a combination of hard work and right timing.”

“Mediocrity or “average” is never enough when you want to succeed.”

And many more…. What is yours?

Ask a hundred persons on “what is success?” and you’ll probably get a hundred different answers as well.

Every person has his/her own definition of success which makes it safe to say that “success is relative.” – that is “the more successful you become, the more relatives you’ll have.”

But kidding aside, definition of success really differs for every person because we really have different goals and at different levels. Some consider achieving the simplest goals a big “success,” for some it might not be the case. It really depends on the person’s contentment level and values emphasized.

Whichever you want to define “your success”, it’s up to you. But here are some realities of success you might want to be acquainted with and consider…

Success has the power to change
(If you must change, change for the better)

It really has the great power to change people by means of lifestyle, preferences, attitude, values and sometimes even the very person or personality of one who achieve it. But if you must change, always change for the better.

Take Warren Buffett for example; he is a very successful man with so many companies in his name but he didn’t change his lifestyle. He still lives in the same house he had lived even though he can very much afford to buy/build a luxurious house. He still drives himself around even though he can afford to hire as many drivers he can to drive for him. He still flies commercial flights even though he can always afford to fly in his private jet.

He still prefers to live by and do things this way and the amount of success he have didn’t affect the “way” he has lived his life.

Let me borrow a line from the movie Forrest Gump – “there’s only so much fortune a man really needs, and the rest is just for showing off.”

Success is good if it doesn’t reach your head
(Pride always come before a fall)

Do not let your success be the poison that will ruin you. Don’t let success and the power associated with it get over your head and overwhelm you. “It is not important what you have it is what you become that is more important.”

The end does not justify the means, not ever and never will it ever, never. Don’t be so consumed by your desire to succeed that you are willing to sacrifice other things that are more important. For sure you would not really enjoy the success you’ll achieve. Even if you achieve the success you desired, you can never really enjoy its fruits but in turn you will be more scared of losing it all. The uncertainty that comes with losing it would weigh more than the enjoyment if you choose the “wrong means.”

Some say “it is lonely up there in the top.” But it doesn’t have to if you bring others on your way there. Do not make enemies on your way to achieving success but instead make friends on your way. “Do not forget the people on your way to the top for they will be the same people you’ll meet on your way down.”

Success is inevitable when you do these things – Pray, Plan, Prepare, & Participate
(Success is when preparation meets opportunity)

“Be purposely opportunistic.” A person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder, continuously carried by the waves and the tides to wherever it is directed. Never having to choose the direction it wants to go.

If you are purposely optimistic, you would realize that not all opportunity is for us. No matter how good or tempting the opportunity is, you’ll never pursue that opportunity if it beats your purpose. You’d never have to chase dreams/goals that you really don’t want; only those which you clearly set forth.

Success is really inevitable if you really pray, plan, prepare and participate for it.

Pray for the things you want to achieve/have in your life. Always believe that there is a Powerful Being that makes all things work. Have a plan of action on how you’ll achieve those things and have the necessary preparations to undertake the actions towards your goals. Planning and preparation is essential if you want to succeed in anything. “If you fail to plan, you planned to fail.” But not all plans succeed and that’s what I’m gonna discuss on my future post (when plans don’t happen), for the meantime, let’s remember the importance of planning than having no plan at all. Then, participate. It is not enough that you plan and prepare only. You must participate and monitor the “scoreboard.” Constantly take a look at the situation and you must be willing to adjust and cope with what is really happening. Plans may fail and have to be re planned and adjusted; strategies might be needed to be changed in order to succeed. Failures might be encountered on your way to success. “Failure is not bad if it doesn’t reach the heart” as “success is good if it doesn’t reach the head.” As you reach your success, you must be constantly planning, preparing and participating for it and monitor the changes from time to time.

Don’t make it lonely when you reach the top, bring others with you on your way there. Achieve your success may it be in the aspect of family, business, sports, career, health, spiritual life or new study…

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